Save $4,500 per employee with No Net Cost Solutions

#1 ROI Harassment & Discrimination Solution

                                                    Profits USA is a spin-off of a Private Equity group

  • For 10 years we have specialized in due diligence of cost saving, tax mitigation and wealth preservation solutions. The winning solutions were judged best-in-class by an elite community of Attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals.​
  • Our model enables clients, their CPA or CFO to save time and money accessing unique solutions that increase profitability while reducing risk. We provide 3 No NET Cost value propositions that increase your profits. Each vetted solution has 100s of client references.

1.)  Save $4,500 annually per employee

      - several unique NO NET COST solutions. Employees also win. 

​2.)  Vetted Tax Attorney solutions

      - for Capital Gains taxes and Income taxes. Alternative to a 1031.

​3.)  Want a 7% to 15% compound return with checkbook access and no market place risk and no risk of loss?

FLS Overview 2 page PDF