ProfitsUSA is a spin off of a private equity firm and it was created to provide 3 No NET Cost value propositions that increase your profits. Each vetted solution has 100s of client references.

  • Save $4,500 annually per employee

                       - several unique NO NET COST solutions. Employees also win. 

  • ​Vetted Tax Attorney solutions

                    - for Business & Real Estate sales. Alternative to a 1031.

  • ​Want a 7% to 15% or higher return with no market place risk and no risk of loss?

         - Not premium financing. Far superior to Qualified Plans. Can be golden handcuffs for top executives. 

We offer 3rd party tax attorneys or CPAs that can be hired for as little as 1 hour to address concerns you or your CPA may have. You can also engage these tax attorneys separately to write a tax opinion letter.