1. We offer the only solution that partners with employers to manage reporting, investigation and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues in their entirety.
  2. For the first time, employees have access to an immediate and impartial platform to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents, while employers are ensured peace of mind that every issue is investigated and resolved by  provider-certified legal professionals. Implementing the solution which fosters a more positive workplace culture comprised of integrity and trust.

We Offer:

  1. The first solution to help employers completely address and solve workplace discrimination and harassment issues. 
  2. Other solutions just provide an "intake" of an incident and send back to HR or the manager/supervisor to handle it. 
  3. We partner with employers to handle the complete intake, investigation, and resolution (in partnership with the employer) - all within 5 business days (on average). 
  4. Using our platform, any employer cannot be held liable for workplace harassment or discrimination issue, ever. 
  5. Over the last 3+ years, none of our partner's clients have seen an EEOC or commission charge and the EEOC has even confirmed their platform requires employees to use our partner's platform prior to ever getting to the EEOC.  
  6. Client and HR love our platform because it removes HR from being within a rock and hard place on some delicate issues and, with their hyper-focused model, employees feel safe reporting any issue and employers know that their risk is mitigated completely using our platform.

  • ​Our comprehensive solution helps identify harassment early, resolve incidents sooner, lower employers risk of legal action and more. Our solution is so effective our partners typically see an ROI of 1,000%. 
  • Our effective and efficient 3rd party reporting and investigative process bolsters companies' affirmative defense and removes liability exposure.  

Protection from Discrimination & Harassment Issues 

Full-service independent solution for reporting, investigating,

and resolving harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

As an experienced and qualified impartial third-party to manage incidents from start to finish, we remove employees' fear of retaliation and empower them with a true voice, reduce incident rates, comply with EEOC guidance and remove legal risk for organizations.