​Earn 7% to 15% compound interest after-tax  with Checkbook Access … instead of a Bank’s 1% simple.

8 Advantages FLS provides

We use both national and international Banks. FLS has No market risk and multiple guarantees.

  1. A Checking Account with 7% to 15% compound interest after-tax  instead of less than 1% from a Bank. In real estate use Funds from a sale or those funds earmarked for property taxes, capital expenditures, renters deposits & maintenance cost. In business operations use cash on hand. Anyone who sold a business can use those funds. 
  2. Golden Handcuffs on Senior Executives & Partners: Exempt from ERISA  if less than 25% of relevant employees.
  3. Enhances Key Man Insurance: Better ROI,  same price and additional value when you are alive.
  4. Triple the Return of your Cash Value Life Insurance policy with no market risk and multiple guarantees.
  5. Far Superior Alternative to a Qualified account: Reposition funds from Executive, Retirement and Exit plans into after tax returns with fewer restrictions and Limitations. .
  6. Know anyone getting a Divorce or struggling financially ? Life Insurance Policy owner gets paid for their life policy and we take over the payments. Unlike a Life Settlement,  the Life policy owner KEEPs BOTH their Death Benefit and Living Benefits.  We thus eliminate the potential income tax liability from lapsing a life policy. Great value in both Divorces and Bankruptcies.
  7. Selling a Business, Real Estate, private stock, mineral/water rights or a 1031? Solution B  defers (delays)  taxes for decades  and also provides 93.5% of the sales proceeds as cash  at close of escrow. Combine Solution B with FLS to earn millions in extra wealth. 3rd party tax attorneys can be hired for as little as 1 billable hour or  to write a tax opinion letter.  
  8. Does a Partner owe you Money? If you are the beneficiary of their life policy you are paid tax-free independent of probate. Customizable to the changing annual needs of Partnerships, LLC, General partners and investors.