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​Best ROI Solution for Sexual Harassment & Discrimination 
100 employee minimum for Solution 1 (our door opener)

Why our Partner Does it

Workplace harassment and discrimination is the biggest threat to companies today that has not been adequately addressed. Companies that manage reporting or investigations internally are putting their employees and their companies at unnecessary risk. 

How our Partner Does it

When organizations partner with our provider, employees feel valued and respected, and know that should an issue arise, their voice will be heard and the incident will be handled quickly and employers have peace of mind knowing their companies are protected in the process.

​Over last 3 years not one of our 300 plus clients ever :

  1. received a right to sue letter from the EEOC
  2. was litigated against or sued  
  3. paid out any claim or made any monetary settlement 
  4. paid attorneys fees on any issue. 

The unique value  is:

  1. it is IMPOSSIBLE for a business, school or government agency to pay  EEOC (Govt) fines and/or Lawsuits.
  2. Ensuring the relevant employee is held responsible and not the Employer/Owners.
  3. 5 days to solve an issue versus the status quo of 25 days to 30 days.
  4. $36 annually per employee - regardless of # incidents. That is an all inclusive cost. ​

​Satisfies  K-12 and University DOE 2020 requirements

Inexpensive Protection from Discrimination & Harassment Issues 

Full-service independent solution used by over 240 clients for reporting, investigating,

and resolving harassment and discrimination in the workplace.