Interest on the Federal Government Debt.

"Net interest payments will  climb from $231 billion in 2014, or 1.3 percent of GDP, to $799 billion in 2024, or 3.0 percent of GDP—the highest ratio since 1996." This is more than a 300% increase.

$799 billion - $231 Billion = $568 Billion. 

So if we add $1,003 Billion from previous calculations (adding in creased debt in 2024 from Social Security and Medicaid) to $568 Billion we have $1,571 Billion. Is there spare $1,571 Billion sitting around to pay for this extra expense  every year starting in 2025? Facts are facts, and increased taxes on the rich and successful will take more and more over time.

  • CBO website link to verify click here (it is the 1st paragraph).

If you examine the Year 2018 row (in red):

  1. The Net Interest paying for the National Debt is $323 Billion.
  2. The Budgetary Deficit $570 Billion

Combined total of #1 and # 2 is $893 Billion.

  • Column 4 : $211 Billion or 31% increase compared to year 2016 for that 1 year.

By 2026: (last row) (in red) :

  1. $2,194 Billion of debt that year.
  2. $1,512 Billion more debt than the  $682 Billion of 2016 and
  3. that is 222% more debt for that 1 year.

Add $1,571 Billion from previous to $534 Billion = $2,105 Billion in additional annual payments that the CBO says are required annually by 2025. That is 9 years from now. That is over 2 Trillion Dollars per year, or $175 Billion every month, or $39 Billion per week.

"the Debt -- and the interest owed on it -- will continue to grow faster than the economy in subsequent decades. That's a trajectory that is unsustainable."
                                        CBO (Congressional Budget Office)

The CBO analyzed the solvency of Social Security from 2015 to 2025. 

  • if you look at the first 2 rows where Income coming in is compared to expenses (Out Gos). Look at where the BLUE arrow is pointing at the 2 colored cells.
  • In 2015 there is a positive $25 Billion difference shown in the Green cell.
  • In 2025 the difference is a negative $332 Billion shown in the Red cell.

CBO (Congressional Budget Office)  - Deficit Outlook 2015 - 2025

CBO provides Objective Analysis to Aid the US Congress in Economic & Budgetary decisions

The CBO was formed in 1974 and has a Staff of 235

Medicaid costs will increase 83% by 2025 and that will cost an additional $263 Billion annually - look at Blue Arrow. If you add that $263 Billion to Social Security's increase of  $740 Billion they total $1,003 Billion annually as of 2025. Is there a discretionary $1,003 Billion annually with a 6% annual increase to pay for these 2 programs?

The 2 Pie Charts above contrasts How Federal Tax dollars are spent in 2012 & 2020 (4 years from now).

Notice that the green colored area drops 67% from 24% to 8%.

  • That Green area represents the funds available to run the US government and all of its programs other than the 4 items in the red chart area. It is obviously impossible to run the rest of the US govt off of 67% less funds within 4 years. Click to read about CBO on Wikipedia.As a result federal income taxes must, according to the auditors of the US govt (the GAO) must increase 55% within 6 years (by 2022) (click here). The GAO study says 37% of the US govt must otherwise be eliminated. The CBO says the same thing since their 66% budgetary reduction only refers to the green colored area whereas the GAO refers to both the red and green areas.
  • The GAO (Government Accountability Office) are also part of the US government and have a budget 10X larger than the CBO and have been doing similar work but for 40 years longer than the CBO. Click to read about GAO on Wikipedia.

Click here to Download a 2 page PDF of the CBO showing annual Deficits and Surpluses from 1965 to 2026.

These CBO projections do not include Interest on the Debt.

Look at the Yellow Arrow above to the right.

From  2015 to 2025:

  1. Income is projected to increase $383 Billion (42%)
  2. Expenses (Out Go) is projected to increase $740 Billion (83%)
  3. NET DIFFERENCE is a $357 BILLION Loss for 2025 alone and more each year there after.

Look at the Purple Arrow

From  2015 to 2025: OASI (Old Age & Survivors Insurance) goes from + $54 Billion to NEGATIVE $284 Billion which is a NEGATIVE $338  Billion difference and that will increase and is annual.

Annual Deficit Table (column 3)  from 2016 to 2026 (According to CBO)

Column 4 is Debt increase in Dollars  and Column 5 is as a % compared to the baseline of 2016.

CBO March 2016 Medicare Baseline

Proof US Government will have 67% fewer Tax Dollars in 4 Years to Run Operations and Programs

The reason for slashing 67% of the US govt is a result of the explosive growth of the 4 costs in the Red area which are:

  1. Interest on the US National Debt
  2. Medicare
  3. Medicaid
  4. Social Security

In 2012, these 4 expenses cost 76% of every tax dollar taken in and in 2020 that increases to 92%.

Below are tables showing the CBO's projected increases in spending for Medicare, Medicaid, Interest on the Debt and Social Security. You will see that combined these 4 will require and additional $2,000 Billion in additional spending. Problem is there is no way the USA can pay that so taxes must go up very high and quickly. Under the respective tables are links where you can doenload original 2 page CBO douments to verify the data in the tables.

Interest Costs on National Debt

2012: $233 billion or 1.3% of US GDP.
2024: $880 billion or 3.3% of US GDP.

By 2024:

  1. Interest payments will account for the majority of the annual projected $1.1 trillion deficit.
  2. Almost as much as is pent on Medicare.

CBO: Interest on US National Debt to increase 400% from 2014 to 2024

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