Employers - Improve Your Bottom Line

Our team intends to become the world leader in providing companies with access to group Healthcare Management Platform. Our program offers a FHIP (Fixed health Indemnity Policy) for Employees. Other indemnity policies only let employees do a health screening benefit twice a year whereas our FHIP enables  employees to it 12 times (1 per month). 

The idea of the policy is rather than checking in with your doctor once per year…now your checking in with a certified medical professional once per month. A qualifying event can be watching employees watching for 20 minutes any of 250 videos once a month on their smartphone. Their is an MPI CPT code associated with that event.

We also provide employees with solutions that include Telemedicine, Health Coaching, Smoking Cessation, and Healthcare Advocacy.

Our platform reduces health care costs and uniquely implements a Section 125 plan (Cafeteria Plan), which can often reduce taxable income for employees and creates payroll tax savings for employers.

  1. Reduce Payroll FICA
  2. Reduce Health Care Costs
  3. Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Minimum Qualifications

  • 100 US employees earning at least  $17,000 annually.

Employees - Improve your Life

We provide employees with access to certified medical coaches that are registered nurses personally assigned to them. Health and wellness coaches will help guide and support each employee throughout their wellness experience using a 360 degree approach. The 360 degree approach is based on an individualistic model that tailors a program directly to the patients’ needs. 

Our platform measurably improves the health of employees, reducing health risks.  Additionally, engaged employees have shown elevated morale and motivation at work.

  1. Improve the Health of Your Employees
  2. Improves the Morale of Your Employees.
  3. Reduce Elevated Health Risks

We provide a specialized, fully integrated technology suite developed with the goal of assisting employees in establishing a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously improving employee productivity and reducing the need for healthcare.

​We provide access to a platform that helps predict and classify 35 different conditions before arranging the risk base on a combination of factors. We are able to leverage this individualistic approach to place an emphasis on each employee individually and offer each participant an opportunity to set goals for his/her physical and mental well-being.

Delivering Targeted Solutions That Benefits Employees and Businesses.

Both our clients and their employees benefit from our platform. By providing our benefits plan to your employees, your company will directly benefit from payroll FICA savings and a healthier workforce.


As verified by Validation Institute.

  1. ​Reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93% using the PredictiMed™ AI system from a sample of 15,000 cases over 5 years.
  2. 80%-93% accurate in predicting the onset of disease prior to symptoms.