STAFFING  & Employee Development

Sinovation Ventures (Venture Capital FIRM) has a $2.5 BILLION USD investment fund. 

​Dr. Lee, the chairman and chief executive of Sinovation Ventures and author of “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order,” recently spoke to Wall Street Journal reporter Jared Council about AI and the role of chief information officers at the Journal’s virtual CIO Network summit.

Ernest Young: $38 Billion, 298,000 Employees 

"By 2033, AI and automation will be
able to do 40% to 50% of our jobs."

"AI technology can and should revamp the hiring process, while simultaneously compiling data to help place the right people in the right positions, for maximum results. "

Impact of AI on Tax Return Business

"Clearly, the tax world is going through a daunting transition...Repetitive, high-volume tasks will be performed by a virtual workforce of software robots that can work faster, more inexpensively and more accurately than a human being."